THEDRG DICTIONARY VOL 1 FIRST EDITION: A Collector’s item fer sure

Peeps have been telling me for years that I need to write out all my little bastardisations of the English Language. Please comment ’cause I know there must be many words and sayings I have forgotten. Years of linguistic genius can’t be remembered in one sitting!

Balzacs: Ball sacks
Boeing 747: Boring 747
Craycray Joan Crawfish or Craycraycrawfish: U Crazy
Cornjacking my Mindhole: Beyond anything I can possibly imagine or Wow and Double Wow
De Nada, por favor
Dickless: Ridiculous (circa 2010)
Hearts U Farts U
Inappropro: So inappropriate
Meowzers: depressed, feeling down or Moewsy
Obvo-Cado: Obviously
Radicchio salad: Ridiculous (circa 1999)
Totes: Totally (been using this one for like evers before it was coolsies)
Un mojito loco: One Moment Please
Yahoo serious: Are U serious?

I know this is just the tip of the iceburg…put I am tireds and need to rest after a long day of wordsmithin’

You know you are on the pulse when 16 yr olds tell you “Oh I changed my facebook status to ‘Hearts U Farts U’ or say, “I telling everyone they are so inappropro”

I still got it. Whatever “it” is.


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OMG It is Summer Down Under

And I live by the beach! What a complete 180! I was pretty much learning to walk last year and now I can walk on the sand and not worry about my knee giving out. Oh so much to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day (in America obviously)

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Here’s the Situation.

Looks like I haven’t written a post in awhile so got to do it now, quickly, while Mo is taking a nap.

We just got back from our three-week trip to NYC where it was nice to catch up with my family and friends. Swear I talked more on this trip then I have in the past nine months. Now we are back and getting over colds and Ramona’s first fever, which was probably due to international travel and getting her one-yr vaccinations. Meanwhile, Dan and I are looking for work. It’s a bit stressful figuring it all out-work, daycare, and Dan going back to school but we are also very excited about making some cash and planning our next moves….Today is Dan’s first day of school at the University of Sydney, where he is working toward an MA in Digital Media and Culture, and he is super psyched about it.

Knee Update: After two months of my knee not budging from 90 degrees it now bends about 105 degrees (140-155 being normal). I now have completed all my free physio and hydro therapies. I am supposed to walk up lots of hills and continue my knee exercises on my own. I see the doctor in 6mths and then the wires and pins come out (another surgery). I also have to get tested for osteoporosis since I fell while standing (not from a big height), and was recently pregnant and breastfeeding, also my mom and grandma have it…so we shall see. The doctor was glad my progress was slow on one hand since it helps the bone heal stronger but also worried that I could trip and fall again. He was certain that in 6mths I would have all my bend back.

So how was the trip to NYC? Well, it was great to see everyone-really and truly. I can’t begin to explain how isolated I have been in the ‘burbs of Sydney being a new mom and not knowing anyone (oh yeah and not being able to walk). So re-connecting with old friends was what I really needed-and clothes-I really needed clothes because jeans and shoes are outrageously expensive here, $90 for low top converse and $200 for Levi Jeans-for realz. Ramona had a great time getting re-acquainted with her cousins in DC where we celebrated her birthday again and all the January birthdays in our family. We stayed in DC for a week right before the big storms hit and luckily we got out before that mess! Mo picked up a few new mannerisms from her cousins, one being dancing in a circle and stamping her feet. Pretty hilarious and I will post a video soon. Ramona also started talking more-lots of blab, blab, blabbing first thing in the morning. She has been also “singing” into he electronic microphone she got for her birthday-totally gonna be an MC-Dan will be so proud.

What else? Oh yeah I ate tons of turkey bacon while Stateside. Little known fact about Oz, they got no turkey bacon-it is sad but true! I didn’t want to risk smuggling it in even though my love for turkey bacon runs deep. I just can’t justify getting a huge fine for it. So I gorged on it for three weeks straight.

And I lost my iPhone in a cab.

I also found out that I seriously could not get a good cup of coffee until I got back on Australian soil. Even the cafe in the Sydney airport has better espresso-that’s the truth. And the produce is a lot fresher-even in big supermarkets-you can literally taste the difference. Also going out to eat in NYC I often felt sick after because the portions are a lot bigger than back here.

The weather was really pleasant when we got back-supposedly from the time we left until we landed there was a disgusting heat wave and then pouring rain. Glad we missed it but got to say Winter in the Northern Hemi-not so much fun either. Dealing with ice and snow while traveling with a baby and recovering from a knee fracture is not the best way to see the city. Also the subway elevators stink like piss-but I knew that already just needed to use them more because of baby and leg. Next time we go in the Fall or Spring for sure.

Here is a summary of all the other crap I did not post in the last few months:

Julie-anne visited us for six weeks: She was really wound up when she got here and then by the end became like butter, melted butter. Pipe in here Jubes for a re-cap of your time in Oz-maybe then other people will visit.

Christmas on the Macadamian farm in Broken Head:
Beach in the morning, tea tree lake in the afternoon (and yes it is a lake filled with tea tree oil and it is amazing!!!) life is hard.

and Mo’s first birthday a kitty kat themed party at Centennial Park.

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This about sums it up.

Sorry haven’t been updating the blog lately, but after seeing this commercial the other day thought I should not waste an opportunity to share with the world what Australia is really like…

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I still haven’t been billed for my kneecap surgery!!!

If you haven’t already, you can read all about the broken kneecap saga in these posts:
sometimes they take out kneecaps
coming home
I May Never Skate Again!!!

So as of today we officially got one bill from the Ambulance Services. A bill for $300. Yes an ambulance bill for just $300! I can’t even believe it myself. And we would have been more than happy to pay for it BUT luckily we read the small print because it said that if you hold a health care card the bill is ZERO!!! And we do! My partner, Dan, had to leave his full-time job to care for me and my daughter. So a health care card, which is a card for people that have little to no money coming in and can be used to get discounts on prescription drugs and other services is extremely helpful. Yep, I was taken to the ER in an ambulance, stayed for 4 days, and still have not paid a cent 6 weeks later. But that is not all!

Yesterday I went to the doctor for my 6 week check-up. I was going every two weeks since being discharged. I usually get seen in a reasonable amount of time for a large public hospital AND the doctors talk to you for more than 15 minutes. While in x-ray the student technician told me about his knee injury and how lucky I am to be in a rich country like Australia-he is from South Korea and it took him two years to get his full range of motion back-TWO YEARS. My doctor told me from the day of surgery it would be 3 months until I can walk (slowly) up and down steps again.

My X-ray showed the docs that the bone was healing well but the wires that hold it all together would have to be taken out in a year or so from now since they are gonna be pushing up against my skin when the swelling goes down. The surgery shouldn’t be a big deal. My knee still doesn’t look like “a knee” yet. It is getting close, but it is bigger than the other knee-and with my muscles being non-existent that whole leg is looking a bit bizzaro. So basically the doctor told me to stop wearing my brace and not to use the crutches anymore. It is time to walk! And I was like wait, hold up, I love my brace!!!And even though it is all sweaty and dirty and gross and totally annoying and if I hear the sound of velcro one more is the only thing that holds my LEG together!!!Well except for those wires…so yes a bit excited and scared to go at it alone, sans brace and crutches. You see this is like more about your mind getting over it then what is really going on physically. Right now my mind is having a lot of trouble figuring out how the hell my skinny ass leg with the swollen kneecap is gonna keep the rest of me upright without breaking again!

Then the physio came in to tell me about some exercises I can do to strengthen my leg. This guy, Nick, was great because he actually listened to me! I had fears about walking that he said were valid but if I do the exercises, build up the muscles and go slow I should be fine. And no, my leg was not going to fall off. I also told him that I wanted to go to physio closer to the house ’cause the hospital I go to now is in the city about 40min + tolls and parking. I also wanted hydrotherapy (exercising in a pool) and that I would be happy to pay for if needed. I had heard from other sources that medicare would not cover my physio and that I would have to find someone on my own, so I was taken aback when he said he was gonna call around for me and see what he could come up with. HE CALLED THE PLACES FOR ME!!! Public healthcare people, do you believe it? By the time I got home he called to tell me he found a public hospital close by, it has a pool, and the PHYSIO WOULD BE FREE! He faxed them my information and said I should be hearing from someone early next week. I seriously was gonna shell out some cash monies (beg, borrow or steal it) to walk again! But now, because of my best buddy Nick, I don’t have to turn to a life of crime!

So today I have been trying to walk around the house a bit without my brace and it is a lot harder then I had thought it would be. No, I did not think that as soon as I took the brace off the heavens would part and my knee would be 100% better BUT I did not think I would be less mobile without the brace. I have to use the crutches for now and if not, take small baby steps. I do wear the brace to play on the floor with my daughter because it is easier to get up quicker if needed. I am now sitting in a chair while writing this post, and my leg is bent but feels stiff and achy. In the world of broken kneecaps this is what we call PROGRESS.

Again small baby steps-I look at Ramona who is starting to walk and am like yeah she’s got the right idea. But my patience is wearing thin (not like I had a lot to begin with) and the waiting is the hardest part (Tom Petty got that right….) The last 6 weeks have been very trying on myself and my little family (oh man does Dan need a break!!) and I haven’t been in the best of moods. It is hard to keep a positive spin on things when you are having trouble just getting your baby a new diaper because her naked butt is crawling away from you and you can’t reach her fast enough without straining/breaking something and you pray that she doesn’t crap on the floor, furniture, or the cat. Or you haven’t taken a shower in four days because your partner is too busy doing EVERYTHING and you don’t have anywhere to go to anyway because you can’t drive and don’t have any money to do anything-but at least it is not South Korea, right? Wait, what I meant to say was at least it is not the UNITED STATES where we would be even more screwed with money, more debt and loads of red tape.

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The Mighty Sparrow as motivation

When Ramona was 7mths and learning to crawl Sparrow was there to help/not help out.

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If you can handle it here are some more videos:

I call this one wall:
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and this, toe suckin’:
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Ramona is taking it to the “next level”

‘Cause some of you don’t call, write or skype with video…here are some clips of Ramona doing her thang. You know those baby milestones we all had to pass to take it to the “next level” . She is now nine months and beyond the cutest, smartest and bestest baby in the universe. I mean obviously!

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Crawlin’ with Dad
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“Learning to Crawl with The Mighty Sparrow as Motivation” Coming Out Soon (so stick around people this one is gonna be so worth the wait!)

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